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The Tale of The Tribes

Part One - In Search Of The Lost Tribes

The travellers return to find their homes empty, with not a sign of their families and friends visible in the ruins of their village, nor the neighbouring villages. Indeed, even the great city is deserted and starting to decay, but there they find a clue. A city scribe has left a tantalising ledger entry that says all must leave. There are details of when and how, but no explanation of why, nor where the tribes will go.

The travellers rest for a few days while they consider their options, then with heavy hearts begin their search, having no idea of when or whether they will be reunited with their loved ones.

Part Two - The Long Years

Sixty people started this search for the tribes. Over the long years a dozen have been lost, victim to accident, illness or bandits. Near to exhaustion, with what meagre supplies remain, the travellers set up camp in a sheltered valley far from their old country. After so many false leads and dashed hopes, they must decide:
Do they continue, or accept defeat?

That evening the decision is made. A handful of the fittest set out for the last time with the village calling horn. It will be no more than a three day onward search, while the remainder consider the best location should they need to build new homes.

Part Three - Taming The Stones

Three generations ago the tribes were forced to leave their country when a fireball fell from the sky scattering shining stones that killed. All know the epic tale of the band of travellers left behind, who then searched for many years before, at last, finding the tribes' new homeland.

The tribes council quickly realised the hard won survival skills of the 'seekers' (as they became known) were valuable for surveying their new lands. They encouraged a loose cadre with a small but growing number of youngsters joining.

Quietly, while the tribes thrived, the elder seekers and those of a naturally curious mind, made trips to the old country to study the shining stones, knowing this would probably kill them. A chance discovery of an insect very sensitive to the emanations dramatically reduced this risk. Much later, it was discovered that a soft grey metal could safely contain the stones. All were taken by the new 'curators' to a remote village and placed in a great vault lined with the 'veiling' metal. This was then sealed.

The effect of even limited exposure to the stones, along with the deep pain of seeing their once lovely city, towns and villages in ruins took it's toll on those undertaking this heroic task, both young and old. They became known as the 'quiet ones'.

To Be Continued...